A pile of stacked books which represents fields of expertise
  • drafting various contracts (a deed of gift, real estate purchase agreement, loan agreement, rental agreement, commercial lease agreement)
  • indemnification, compensation claims
  • legal representation and counseling in the procedure related to disputes of obstruction to possession, conveyancing process, co-ownership dissolution, subdivision of a building, boundary disputes
  • legal representation and counseling in inheritance disputes
  • drafting contracts related to the division of a legacy (e.g. cession and distribution of legacy, lifelong support agreement, testaments)
  • legal representation and counseling in the process of child support maintenance, division of property, dissolution of marriage, establishing and contesting maternity or paternity
  • legal representation and counselling services to employers and employees on the rights and obligations arising from employment (entering and termination of employment)
  • drafting contracts (employment contracts, temporary service contracts, managerial contracts), by-laws and other employer’s general acts
  • matters relating to the acquisition of residence and citizenship in the Republic of Croatia, the employment of foreigners
  • representation in tax proceedings
  • anti-money laundering
  • data protection
  • legal representation in administrative disputes
  • the entry of registry rights in land register
  • legal representation and counseling in the process of the establishment, renewal, amendment or transformation of the land registries
  • the services of debt collection in out-of-court and court proceedings
  • legal services connected with incorporation of companies as well as registering changes in the Register of Companies
  • representation for minor offences